Ginger Grey, MA, LMHC, MFA


I help people who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, perfectionism, burn-out, and stress, as well as those navigating the unique challenges of being highly sensitive. I also work with those whose symptoms don’t easily fit into these categories…. they feel existential dread, or deeply lonely, or wonder if others know something about joy and wonder that they do not. I offer a non-judgemental space to explore the biggest, messiest, most meaningful questions of your heart and mind.


I use a variety of interventions and approaches in working with clients (I commonly utilize self-compassion and mindfulness techniques, as well as EMDR).

While the interventions a counselor uses are important to your progress, research shows us that the greatest indicator of positive outcomes in therapy is the relationship between client and counselor.

Consequently, I strive to be deeply present with each client, and it is important to me that you feel safe, known, and cared for during our work together. My role is to support and guide you through whatever challenges bring you to counseling.