Life Coaching for Positive Change

One-on-one online coaching with Jessica centers around curiosity, focus, and commitment. Through deep exploration of your dreams and their roadblocks, we will work on bringing your best self to the most important relationships and events in your life. This work begins with a comprehensive prioritization of the issues at play and moves to catalogue your unique strengths, challenges, and life experiences to chart a path to a more satisfying life.

Online video conferences are $200/55 minutes (longer sessions available), scheduled as often as you like. Off-hours and weekend appointments are available.

Coaching with Jessica


°improve communication and interrupt conflict cycles

 °improve the future through better alignment of goals and values

 °improve understanding of your contribution to relationship dynamics
Professional Life 

°Identify and triage values

°Clarify and repair work/home boundaries

°Chart areas for growth and opportunity

°Capitalize on strengths
Goals and Transitions

°Understand unseen patterns

°Illuminate obstacles to charting forward path 

°Anticipate unforeseen challenges

°Improve habits of mind to manifest the life you want
Parenting in the 21st Century

°Navigate divorce and blended families

°Learn healthy patterns of communication

°Understand familial roles and dynamics

°Build healthy bonds