goals for normal people

a small group experience for the semi-ambitious


This is a group for normal people– those who might one day want to run a marathon or 10x their business, but for now want to go on walks every week, or write a little every day, or answer their emails some time before the sun exhausts the hydrogen fuel in its core and transitions into a red giant.

Each week we will discuss an aspect of progress-making (hint: it begins with self-compassion) in the context of your experience. Together we will explore your tiny ambitions, take on your medium obstacles, and celebrate your enormous wins.


This group is for you if…

  • you like the idea of finally making some progress (on current goals or hypothetical ones)
  • you’re okay talking about feelings, failure, ambitions, hope
  • you’re ready for an in-person experience
  • you’re an adult

about the facilitator

Hi! I’m Ginger Grey and I’m a counselor in Spokane and co-founder of Life Lab, LLC. I believe in baby steps and giant leaps. Making any kind of change is hard. You don’t have to do it alone. So don’t! It’s better in a group.


Tuesdays 4:00-5:15 pm

November 8 – December 13


Eldridge Building

1325 West 1st Ave., Spokane, WA 

HOW (and how MUCH)

inquire about joining here

$45/ week


This is a serious thing– to want to do better or be better– but it is also a thing we can do with humor, lightness, good cheer. Come be supported; come support. You will have fun!