digital health for educators


Students today come to school with dramatically decreased attention spans and an inability to self-regulate. They go home to environments increasingly defined (and interrupted) by our latest technologies. Technology has changed the way we learn, play, work, and socialize. Students today are different. Teachers and parents are, too.

This workshop approaches the issue of digital health from the dual perspective of both student and teacher. Through interactive exercises and discussion we explore the impact of digital technologies on our lives. We wrestle with the influence of technology on empathy, relationship-building, and social risk-taking. Our guided collaboration prepares teachers to authentically engage with today’s distracted students.

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1-day intensive training

Turn the 2-hour workshop into a day-long exploration of ways your institution might integrate digital health into your unique culture. We’ll take on the issue of student habits and student values. We’ll look at how change happens, and give teachers space to consider the classroom issues that arise from the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Digital health for parents: 4-week Chalk Talk

Get your parents on board. Four one-hour weekly sessions designed to support parents in cultivating digital health at home.

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