Ginger Grey, LMHCA

Ginger Grey, MFA, MA, NCC, LMHCA

I taught at Gonzaga University before embarking on a career in counseling. While I enjoyed teaching in the classroom setting, I have always been most interested in the personal development and experience of each individual. During my training I interned at the health clinic on Spokane Community College’s campus, where I had the great privilege of counseling a diverse and inspiring population of students and teachers.

I now work with people at all stages of life looking for change. I work with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, motivation, perfectionism, anger, burn-out, self-esteem, and stress. Additionally, I have a special interest in the following areas.

Because each client is different, I use a variety of interventions and approaches (including EMDR, self-compassion, and mindfulness techniques). Together we’ll explore your day-to-day struggles and concerns while keeping an eye on the bigger picture—what makes life meaningful and fulfilling to you?

Ultimately, I believe my job is to expand your courage. My role is to support and guide you through whatever challenges bring you to counseling.

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